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Get outstanding embroidery from us

Embroidery is a wonderful way to customize different items or accessories.


For over 16 years, TNT Designs TX has provided custom embroidery services to businesses, individuals, and organizations based not only in the local area, but nationwide.


You name it, we can embroider it!

• T-shirts

• Golf shirts

• Polo shirts

• Bags

• Hats

• Custom items

• Tote bags

High-quality embroidering for all type of items.

Monogram your items to make memories last forever

Monogramming can be used to remind you of a great time you've had, a special person in your life, or even to identify yourself on items such as luggage and purses!


We can even create your very own patches!


Make your apparel and accessories DYNAMITE with us!


With our shipping services, our team can embroider/monogram items for you, no matter where you're located!


Monogram just about anything with us:

• Towels

• Sheets

• Bags

• Golf bags

• Tote bags

• Luggage

• Accessories

National & International Shipping Available!

Monogramming on shirts embroidered christmas stockings embroidery on hoodie converse canvas chuck taylor embroidery monogram snapback embroidery chuck taylor embroidery monogram boots embroidery